5 Day Challenge with Amy

Your Career Evolution 5-Day Challenge with Amy Online course has 5 activity videos, 10+ online tool templates, Q&A videos, and joins you to the It’s Only Sunshine community for more career tips, tools, and updates!



Welcome to Your Career Evolution 5-Day Challenge. This challenge is your initiation to re-evaluate your career goals, skillsets, passions, values, resources, and commit to your career evolution edict. I designed the Five Day Challenge with women like you in mind, and for the next five days, we will Get Sh!t Done by powering through the 10+ exercises and access to additional online resources (videos, best practices, templates, and Q & A). I am so excited to share my practical experience (good and bloopers) with you to help guide you through your career growth and transitions. All too often we fall into the corporate loop of firefighting, milestones, annual reviews, rather than looking at our career by opportunities, personal/team development, and our personal portfolio of achievements. Career gratification is not typically talked about on the career path, and we are going to change that!
We will dive into the tools and uncover elements of ourselves and our personalities that will enable us to take more control of our professional narrative. You’d be amazed at the project acceleration rate and superior deliverables when each team member leverages their preferred strengths, mentors, and exudes a positive energy toward the career evolution of the team members. No matter which stage of your career or which STEAM field you are in, Your Career Evolution Model will be the program you can count on to bring you reflection, clarity, and direction throughout your lifetime. We need to stick together, Ladies, and level each other up!- Amy
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